What is the difference between cleaning and clearing crystals. Simply put, cleaning is the act of removing physical dust, dirt or fingerprints from a crystal. Clearing is the act of removing energetic impressions from their surface.

When and how often you clean and clear your crystals is entirely up to you but we do suggest that you clean and clear them when they first come home to live with you. This initial cleaning and clearing is a “bonding” exercise between the two of you.

You can clean your crystal in any manner that you choose that is appropriate for that type of crystal. (For example, you would not want to clean a salt based crystal like Halite with water because it will begin dissolving.) Washing them with water (for harder crystals) or wiping them gently with a soft cloth (for softer crystals) should do the trick. While this definitely not a scientific method, if gently scratching my fingernail on the crystal’s surface leaves a mark, I would be very cautious about cleaning it with water.

If you would like to do further research into the hardness of your crystals, here is an excellent place to start:


Once again, this is going to be up to you. You can clean them if you can’t seem to see or feel their energy as strongly as you have in the past. You can clean them when they appear dull and lifeless. Like anything else in your home, they can also get a little dusty, so it’s a good thing to clean them if for no other reason than to remove the dust. Just like you, sometimes they just want to be pampered and touched and loved. Cleaning them not only strengthens your bond with them, it also honors them by your attention to their well-being.


Crystals come from all over the world (and sometimes from out of the world) and they travel through many hands on their way to you. They hold the energy of the environment from which they came, including the energy of the physical mining that brought them from their birth place. They also hold the energy of everyone who has handled them on their way to you. If you found your crystal in any place other than directly from Mother Earth, you may want to remove the influence of these outside energies by clearing them. Clearing your crystal removes all the energy it has collected from the environment in which it resided and from the people who have handled it.

 Clearing does not change the energy of the crystal or alter any of the information it contains. It simply removes psychic impressions or psychic fingerprints from its surface and allows you to access the basic and pure energy of the crystal. It is also a great way for you to bond with your new best friend!

If you have received your crystal directly from Mother Earth, there is no need for you to clear it. She has taken care of that work for you. However, you may want to wash the dirt off! Of course, if you feel like it needs to be cleared, by all means, clear it.

With all that said, it’s totally fine if you decide to never clear your crystals. Let’s face it, they have been around for hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of years depending on the crystal. They are going to do “what they do” regardless.


 After your initial cleaning and clearing, you can clear your crystal as often (or not) as you wish. There is no set time and way to do this. You may decide that there are times during the year that feel appropriate to clear your crystals. You may want to clear them in the New Year, after a difficult emotional period, at the New Moon, at the beginning of any celebration or spiritually significant date, or if some undesirable energy has been in your space. You can clear them after they have done work for you. You can also clear them when they have new work to do. As you build a relationship with your crystals, you will intuitively know when it feels over loaded with unwanted energy and need to be cleared.

I personally clean and clear my crystals when they first come to live with me. It is the beginning of my “bonding” time with them. There are very few crystals that I have cleared more than once. Those crystals are the ones that travel with me and are handled by many people. It makes ME feel better to remove the residual energetic impressions from its surface.

My best advice here is to trust your intuition and do whatever feels right to you!


 There are so many different ways to clear your crystals. There are methods that come from all over the world and from many different traditions. Some of these methods are as old as crystal healing itself. Some of the methods have been created in the present generation. While we are going to provide you with some examples, we encourage you to create your own method if none of our suggestions work for you.

As you perform your clearing rituals, know that your intention behind the clearing is just as important as the physical action required to do it.


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  • This is what I think and/or feel about clearing (or not) my crystals:
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