What, exactly, is a Crystal Intuitive? The short answer – it is someone who can pick up a crystal and “read” and work with its energetic properties, and then know how to apply that energy.


We truly believe that if you are drawn to work with crystals, then you are already on the Crystal Intuitive path. You may know a little or you may already know a lot about crystals and how to work with their energy. You may be taking your first step or you may already be miles down the road in your journey. It really doesn’t matter WHERE you are on the path, it only matters that you are ON the path.

It is interesting to note that many of our students believe that a “Crystal Intuitive” can pick up any crystal, anywhere, anytime and know everything about it and that they have always been able to do this without any study whatsoever. There is a touch of truth to that. Some people DO appear to just “magically know” about crystals and it is a joy to watch them do their work. Here’s the secret to their ability – They “know” because they have fully awakened their crystal intuition.


While it is true that some folks were born with this ability fully awakened, when you get right down to it, the majority of us have to do some work to reawaken and reclaim our abilities. For some reason, many of us are hesitant to claim the Crystal Intuitive title for ourselves. We may believe that we are not “worthy”. We may believe that we don’t “know” enough. We may compare ourselves to others in the false belief that they are “better” at this. We may think we first need to know “All There Is To Know” and the list goes on and on. (We will never know all there is to know!)

Here’s the good news – Crystal Intuition is an ability that can be awakened (or reawakened). I (Kay) like to compare it to playing a piano (because, well, I play the piano). There are very few people who can sit down at a piano for the first time and make beautiful music. For the rest of us, it takes time, patience, lessons, practice and dedication.

It is the same with awakening your Crystal Intuition. Some people are born fully awake but for the rest of us, it takes time, patience, lessons, practice and dedication to realize our full potential. That is what the Crystal Intuitive journey is all about.

This journey gives you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive working knowledge of crystals. It will touch on history, folklore, currently published work, oral traditions, meditation, and exercises to sense and feel the energetic properties of crystals.

As this knowledge travels through your conscious mind (what is happening this very day), through your subconscious mind (where you hold short term memories), and into your unconscious mind (where archetypes, symbols and your intuitive abilities reside), you begin to awaken (or reawaken) your abilities.

As more of what you learn rings true in your unconscious mind, you will continue to gently shake that sleeping giant awake. It is this awakening that allows you the ability to access crystal information that is unique to you. As you remember your truth, you will come to understand the Crystal Intuitive you are meant to be. As a result, you will intuitively become able to access the messages from the crystals.

For some, this awakening happens quickly. For others, it reveals itself over time. Whether it happens quickly or slowly really doesn’t matter. The rate of speed your intuition awakens does not define who you are as a Crystal Intuitive. No one is more enlightened or less advanced. You will find yourself exactly where you need to be on YOUR path, and that is all that matters.

It is not unusual for different people to receive different messages from the same crystal. They are intuitively listening to the story the crystal needs to reveal to them. That is why you may read one thing about a crystal in one book and an entirely different thing about it in another book. Both things are true. It is the truth as presented by the person who channels it.

Please remember this… when you run across information that does not “feel” right for you, it doesn’t mean the information is not correct. It simply means it is just not your truth. Also, please remember that when someone tries to tell you that YOUR information is not correct, your information IS correct. It is simply not true for the person making the observation. We say this to you so that you will NEVER doubt yourself.

Although we are all in this journey together, we are all on our own individual path. Each person will receive information and understand it in their own way. We honor that and celebrate it with you. We encourage you to find your own voice. The way you travel your path is the exactly correct way to do it.

As Crystal Intuitives, we would love to share with you many of the things that we have learned on our journey in the heartfelt hope that it will assist you with yours.

Kay – My journey began by picking up my first crystal, reading about its properties and then developing my personal connection with it through different exercises and meditations. As my experiences grew so did my ability to connect with the energetic property of each new crystal. Over time, I no longer needed to read anything about a crystal to be able to connect with it. I could just pick it up, observe its physical properties, close my eyes, breathe, focus and allow the information to flow through me.

If you were to ask me how long it has taken me to develop my crystal intuitive abilities, I would have to say “I am still learning”. Although I have “broken free” of the need to research and read about the properties of each individual crystal, I still practice my craft to keep it fresh and new. For example, I can pick up a piece of quartz and “listen” to the stories it has to tell me. The next day, I can pick up that same piece of quartz and it may tell me different stories. This is what I mean by practicing my craft. I never stop learning. I never believe that I know all there is to know.

Aeolus – My Crystal Intuitive journey began with the desire to have them as a child. I thought they were absolute treasures and, of course, they are. Later, in my young adulthood, I actively sought out my spirituality and began investigating metaphysical energy. I began studying Reiki and awakening to the understanding of healing and healing energy. The Reiki centers in my hands opened and the information began to flow and has not stopped.

Sometimes I have to sit with a crystal for months or even years before they speak to me. Other times, I can just look at it and the information it contains begins to flow through me. I am continuing to grow and realize, or remember, why and how this Gift is to be shared and developed. I, too, am always learning how to express the power of the crystals. It continues to be an amazing and awe inspiring path.


You just know (because that’s how intuition works)! No one can bestow the title of “Crystal Intuitive” on you. You are a Crystal Intuitive when YOU DECIDE YOU ARE.


Kay Langley and Aeoulus Crowlaw