As we embark on this journey, one of the things you will hear most from us is “Trust Your Intuition”. Your intuition is your very own inner voice that will be your guide. We are here to share our experiences with you and to help awaken or reawaken your Crystal Intuition, and to support you on your journey.

Your “voice” is the way you put words to your intuition. YOUR voice is important. YOUR voice matters. The world needs to hear YOUR voice. It’s not always easy expressing your intuition in words that others can understand. Sometimes, it’s not even easy to express your intuition in a way that YOU understand. So, how do you learn to express your crystal intuition and find your “voice”? By practice!! And how do you practice? By keeping a journal!

Your journal is your very own private conversation with your intuition. The physical action required to write what you have learned and experienced creates and reinforces YOUR truth. What is true for YOU is more important than anything you will ever read in a book or on the internet. By keeping a journal, you will be writing your own book filled with your own truths. Your journal supports your Crystal Intuitive journey as you manifest it into this world. It becomes your guide to reflect upon and to share with others as you so desire.

Take time to write about your insights as they are revealed to you. There is so much you will learn that can easily be forgotten if it is not recorded. You will be amazed how your intuitive abilities will grow over time and it’s nice to be able to look back and see how far you have come. By writing these things down, you have a record of where you have been and that will help you understand where you are going.

It’s also interesting to go back and read what you wrote in the past. Sometimes we receive messages that don’t make much sense to us at the time we receive them. Sometimes we need other messages that are revealed at a later date to make the earlier messages make sense.

This may sound odd, but we suggest writing in your journal with a pen (not a pencil). Write whatever thoughts pop into your head or heart. Don’t filter or edit yourself. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, sentence structure or punctuation. Draw pictures if that makes more sense to you than words.

You may not understand why you are writing what you are writing but at some point (now or later) it will become clearer. Trust your inner voice. That is your intuition speaking to you. Don’t ignore or erase it. (That’s why suggest writing in pen, so you can’t erase it.) Learn to listen to your inner voice without judgment!

If you do choose to keep a journal, we suggest that, at a minimum, you record the date of your entry. If you really want to get detailed, you can also record the time, day, weather conditions, phase of the moon, sun sign of the day or any other information you want to track. Over the course of time, you may be able to understand patterns in your ability to receive information and know when you are more intuitively receptive.

Aeolus and Kay use completely different methods for keeping our individual journals.

Kay – I like to use plain notebook paper and a three ring binder. I purchased divider tabs that I can place in the binder in places that make sense to me. I like the binder because as more is revealed to me on a particular crystal or subject, I can just insert those pages in the appropriate place. Over the years, I have grown into using several binders and being able to take the pages and rearrange them into other binders has been helpful to me in quickly locating the information I need.

Aeolus – I prefer to use my red leather bound natural pressed hemp paper journal embossed with dragons. I like this because I do and that is, well, that. I have filled more than one journal. My current one is Elk Hide with beautiful pressed paper. Some of my journals are contained inside Crystals themselves.

So, see, it really doesn’t matter what you decide to use as your journal. The most important thing is THAT you journal.



Kay Langley and Aeolus Crowlas