Tourmaline in Quartz

Tourmaline in Quartz


Hi Everyone~
I (Aeolus) wanted to share with you Crystals as a Meditation. You can create meditations that can be very fulfilling from Crystals that grab your attention. Here is one instance that just happened to me with the ones here in these pictures.

The Spring Equinox has just arrived. This part of the Year Wheel is about Rebirth, Renewal and the Knowledge that we have come through and survived winter. Although some of us are still seeing snow it is indeed the beginning of spring. These lovely Crystals came to me from my last trip to Mt. Shasta with my Sister Queen Ginger Blue. They came to my mind as the Equinox arrived.

They are Quartz with Green Tourmaline. The Quartz reminded me of the snow melting away revealing the Green Tourmalines that reminded me of the green sprouts bursting through the last remaining layer of last quarter’s winter snow. I am using them (because of course they have called out to me “HEY LOOK AT US”) as a meditation for my Spring.

Quartz Crystal denotes a special recognition of time. It brings the awareness that energy is present, exchanged, remembered and released. The Green Tourmaline represents the Direct Channels to the Heart Chakra, Healing and Thriving Love.

The Crystal Meditation for today is : As Spring arrives I will take notice and realize the Power of Love will give me and what I focus on the energy to burst through from darkness into light. I am moving toward the light and thriving. Open your Heart and Grow. So it is.

Please feel free to use these photos and affirm this meditation for yourself too.

Namaste~ Aeolus Crowlaw