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Amethyst is connected the 3rd eye, the seat of mystical sight or psychic vision.  Meditate with Amethyst on your third eye to assist in opening this vision.  Meditating with Amethyst can also help reduce all the “clutter” in your mind so you can focus on your endeavors.

Amethyst is traditionally thought to assist in breaking addictive behaviors.  In ancient civilizations, wine glasses were sometimes made out of amethyst. These glasses could be filled with water.  The color of the amethyst made the water appear to be wine.  You could drink this “wine” all night long and never get drunk.

Amethyst is also a stone of lucid dreaming and dream work..  When you want to remember and understand your dreams, sleep with it under your pillow. This stone facilitates the retrieval of information stored deep within the unconscious mind and brings it into the sleep state and then forward into the consciousness.

It will provide protection and grounding while travelling on the astral level.  It’s protective energy will keep you from bringing unwanted energy back with you to the Earth plane.  It’s grounding energy acts like a tether, keeping you from “floating” away on the astral level.  The tether also acts as your “guide wire” back to the Earth plane.

Amethyst works like a natural mood stabilizer, helping to balance emotional highs, lows and other mood swings.  Feeling stressed?  Meditate with Amethyst.  For extra calming effects, pair it with Lepidolite.

Much Love and Bright Blessings,

Kay Langley and Aeolus Crowlaw