Carnelian can range from light peach to dark orange.   The darker the color, the more intense the energy.  If you are ready to work with a mega dose of energy, work with a dark orange carnelian.  If you need to be gentle with yourself, start with a light peach carnelian and then work toward a darker color.  You can’t do this wrong.  Listen to your intuition.  Choose what it right for you and do not compare yourself to others because there is no one else on earth just like you!

Carnelian is a great stone to use when you need to have forward momentum.  It will assist you in moving forward even when you don’t really want to move.  Carnelian’s energy is like someone hooking their finger into the waistband of you pants and pulling you forward, whether or not you want to go in that direction.  Trust me, I need all the forward momentum I can get when it comes to housework.  Where do you need forward momentum?  This stone is excellent for people who procrastinate.

Carnelian assists with next step progression.  What is the next thing that you need to do that seems almost impossible to accomplish?   Wear, carry or place carnelian in your environment to remove the blocks that are keeping you from accomplishing you goals.  Your goals are written down, right?  If not, take a few minutes to WRITE DOWN  the top three things you want to accomplish this year.  Place a piece of carnelian on top of your list. Take one step each day to reach one of your goals.

In the 18th century, the people of Madrid etched the name of God in the backs of Carnelian pendants to protect them from negative forces. Wear a piece of Carnelian around your neck so that others can see it.  Its energy will move negative people away from you as you walk through the world. entury the people of Madrid etched the name of God in the backs of Carnelian pendants to protect them from negative forces. When worn around the neck in sight of people the Carnelian moves negative people by you as you walk through the world.

Carnelian is associated with the second chakra.  This is the home of creation and creativity.  Creation and creativity are driving forces.  When you are trying to create something new,  put some Carnelian around you.  Oh, and as a side note, Carnelian around your bed is a good idea for increasing passion.    It is not  a good idea if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful night of sleep!

The energy of Carnelian is Masculine and Projective so this Crystal will be energizing and Active.  It is not the best stone to use for passive or tranquil endeavors.

Much Love and Crystal Blessings,

Kay Langley and Aeolus Crowlaw