There are many different methods for clearing crystals.  This week we will look at four.  These are by no means the only four ways you can clear your crystals, but these will give you a good start.

 Whichever method you select for clearing your crystal, the length of time you perform the clearing is up to you.  As you develop your Crystal Intuition, you will find the right length of time that works for you.  Whether you choose to clear your crystal for two minutes or for the full cycle of the moon, it is a personal decision based on your relationship with your crystal.


There is so much that can be said about the energetic properties of water. Water holds the energy of emotion and psychic ability.  It washes away all that is not needed and clears away illusion so only pure energy remains. Water is a part of, and counted on, by all beings on this planet. Water represents the feminine energy of the Goddess. Pouring water over your head or ritual bathing prepares the body for sacred acts.

Water is also used as an oracle for divination.  Gazing into water can stir up images for interpretation. The cauldron of rebirth is filled with the water of life.  To touch this water is to clean the soul and body for evolution to the next level or incarnation of the self.

In the Year Wheel, Water is in the West and prepares the soul for change and renewal. It is also a powerful method to use in meditation for the ritual dissolution of an energy that is no longer serving you.  For all these reasons, water is an excellent tool for clearing most crystals.

You can clear your crystal in water by either passing it through the water or by placing it in the water to soak.  You can clear your crystal in running water or in still water.  If you can’t get outside to natural sources of water, it is perfectly acceptable to clear your crystal in the kitchen sink.  Remember, it is the intention you use that creates the clearing.

If you are going to hold the crystal in a river or in the ocean, it is a good idea to place them in a cloth bag and hold the bag in the water.  If you choose to hold the crystal in your bare hands, be aware that most crystals love water and they won’t hesitate to “jump” out of your hand to float away.

GOOD TO KNOW:  There are a few crystals will not tolerate water well.  Because of their composition, they may melt.  Halite, a salt, is a good example of a crystal that will melt when placed in water. You will only have to melt a crystal once to learn which ones will not tolerate water.  If you are not sure of the composition of your crystal, you may want to choose another method for clearing.


Most crystals are born from Mother Earth.  Earth energy is grounding and nurturing. Earth draws out the excess energy. Clearing your crystal using Earth returns the crystal to its original energy state. Using Earth is a shamanic technique for clearing.  To return to the womb of life (the Earth), the darkness, and the void, is to see the essence of what is was and what always will be.

If you live someplace with private outside access, you can bury your crystal directly in the dirt.  If you live in a place in which you can’t bury them outside, you can still use this method if you choose.  Simply fill a flowerpot, or any glass or copper container, with dirt from the earth and bury them in that.

You can leave them buried for as long or as short a time as feels right for you.  If you are not sure what is right, start by leaving them buried for 24 hours and see how that feels.  You can always adjust the time if you need to the next time you clear your crystal using Earth.

GOOD TO KNOW:   If you are burying your crystal outside, mark the spot in which it is buried so you dont have to dig around for hours trying to find it again.  Most Crystals are of the Earth and they love her, so dont be surprised when you go to retrieve them, if they have buried themselves deeper than you originally put them.  


 Salt holds the energy of the Sun and the Water. The sun evaporates or “burns away” the water or emotional attachment and leaves behind the pure essence of the Ocean. It also represents the North of the year wheel. This is the place of the void and primordial beginnings.

When you want to use salt for clearing, please use sea salt.  If you can’t get to the ocean to collect your sea salt, it can be purchased at almost any major grocery store or health food store.  Sea salt is a natural salt that combines the energies of the Sun and Water.

Fill a bowl with pure salt and set your crystal on top of it. You can set the crystal on a surface and sprinkle salt around it.  You can bury your crystal in salt. You can make a solution of sea salt and distilled water and place your crystal in the salt water.  The length of time you leave your crystal with the salt is totally up to you.  .

GOOD TO KNOW:  Some crystals, like Malachite, are soft.  Using salt to clear a soft crystal can scratch its surface.


Smudging is the act of using smoke to clear or remove energy. This smoke can be used to set, clear, and focus energy. It creates a sacred environment in which a practitioner can feel safe to commune or work with Divine Energy. This Divine Energy is the energy you access when you work with crystals.

Sage is a tradition herb that is used for smudging.  Aeolus prefers to smudge with White Sage then follows the Sage with burning Sweetgrass for blessing. This is in Honor of the Ancestors and the Aboriginal Peoples of North America. He lights the Sage and blows the smoke across the Crystal he is cleaning. Next he lights the Sweetgrass and blows it across the crystal to complete the clearing ritual.

Kay likes to use Rosemary and Sage combined together in the form of incense sticks made from the resin of these herbs. Try several variations of herbs until you find which one works for you.

When smudging, focus on the smoke and visualize the smoke carrying away the energy left by someone or something else.  Hold the crystal over the smoke and let it surround the stone, turning the crystal in your fingers until the smoke has touched its entire surface.  Let the smoke get into every crack and crevasse of your crystal, clearing the it of all unwanted energy.  If your crystal is too large to hold comfortably in your hand, pass the smoke over and around your crystal until the smoke has touched the entire crystal.

GOOD TO KNOW:  Sage removes negative energy.  When you remove negative energy, its a good practice to replace it with positive energy.  A good way to do this is to smudge with another incense or herb after you have smudged with sage. 

 If you dont fill the space with positive energy, a vacuum is created when you remove the negative energy and whatever other energy is hanging around will fill the space.

 You can find sage bundles and incense that are already combined with another herb, so that you can remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy at the same time. 

When you are ready to clear your crystals, you can use any of the methods that have been described or you can create your own.  You can use the methods in any combination.  You can change them as often as you desire.  You can use different methods for different types of crystals.


  • These are the method(s) I have chosen for clearing my crystals:
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